Ability Career & Employment Services


102, 10155 – 114th Street

Edmonton, AB T5K 1R8

Contact: Steven Dennis


Tel: (780) 423-2010


Acces Emploi Alberta


202, 8627 – 91st Street

Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1

Contact: Suzanne Corneau


Tel: (780) 490-6975


Anderson Career Training Institute


10604 – 172nd Street

Edmonton, AB T5S 1H8

Contact: Paul Anderson


Tel: (780) 944-0909


Anderson Career Training Institute (ACTI) provides the Self Employment training program in Edmonton.
As the longest running Self Employment training program in Edmonton, ACTI has provided this training to more than 1300 Albertans over a 21-year period helping them in their goal of starting and running their own business.
The program features 10 weeks of classroom training followed by 16 weeks of coaching as you get your business up and running. During the coaching phase, you’ll begin the process of setting up and operating your business and serving your customers with the guidance of a business coach.
A major reason for the success of this program is the instructor/coach team of over 18 entrepreneurs and business specialists. This makes sure that the training is practical, relevant and thorough.

Ballad Consulting Group


354, 10113 – 104th Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 1A1

Contact: John Corie


Tel: (855) 295-7180


BGS Enterprises Inc.


310, 10665 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J 3S9

Contact: Joe MacKay


Tel: (780) 425-6655


Bissell Centre


10527 – 96th Street

Edmonton, AB T5H 2H6

Contact: Mark Bubel


Tel: (780) 423-2285


Bredin Centre for Learning


9th Floor, 10045 – 111th Street

Edmonton, AB T5K 2M5

Contact: Debbie Green


Tel: (780) 425-3730


Careers in Transition (CIT)


420, 10621 – 100th Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J 0B3

Contact: Garry Rentz


Tel: (780) 496-9224


CIT; Careers in Transition offers GED training and Alarm systems installer programs located in both Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan. The Fort Saskatchewan office is located at Suite 155, 10420- 98 avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, T8L 2N6. Career Under Construction is another entity that offers career services and information for unemployed and marginally employed residents of Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. We offer short-term workshops, training and placement assistance. This office is located at Suite 162, 10404- 99th Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, T8L 3W2. Lives in Transition offer employment services for women leaving domestic abuse situations; call 780-496-9224.



11515 – 71st Street

Edmonton, AB T5B 1W1

Contact: Carol Smith


Tel: (780) 474-2500


Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers


10211 – 97th Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 0L6

Contact: Erick Ambtman


Tel: (780) 423-9501




400, 10909 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J 3L9

Contact: Jason Loewer


Tel: (780) 423-4106


McBride Career Group Inc.


801, 10242 – 105th Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 3L5

Contact: Shirley McBride


Tel: (780) 453-8210


McBride Career Group Inc. began their work with unemployed Albertans in 1989, and has continually expanded services to present specialization in career consulting, employment support, occupational training, and professional development. There are three focal points to service provision:

Unemployed Albertans: To assist unemployed individuals to achieve and retain meaningful employment opportunities.

Career Changers: To assist working Albertans to identify steps required toward job and career goals.

Alberta Employers: To support the hiring, training, developing and retention of capable employees.


On Site Placement (OSP)


802, 9707 – 110th Street

Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9

Contact: Ken Marsh


Tel: (780) 488-8122


On Site Placement (1981, OSP) is a non-profit and charitable organization in Edmonton. Employers and clients benefit from FREE services promoting workplace diversity. About 300 clients find meaningful work each year. The Burke Temporary Employment Agency (OSP) employs about 130 temporary workers. Individuals find work matching their strengths, interests, and needs. Clients must be at least 17 years of age. Service Canada, Alberta Human Services, and Alberta Health fund OSP programs.

Prospect Human Services Society


102, 9940 – 106th Street

Edmonton, AB T5K 2N2

Contact: Karl Kuss


Tel: (780) 756-0444


Established in 1987, Prospect helps create a more productive, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Using a variety of innovative assessment, skill development, placement and retention strategies, Prospect programs build individual, employer, workplace and workforce capacity. At the heart of our efforts is a desire to break down barriers that impede individuals from finding meaningful work. We want all Albertans, regardless of circumstance, to be able to fulfil their employment potential. Prospect drives change by designing solutions that bring out the best in individuals, employers and ourselves. We value great ideas, individual value, collaboration, enthusiasm, and the drive to get things done.