Aboriginal Futures


200, 6011 – 1A Street SW

Calgary, AB T2H 0G5

Contact: Sade Auger

Tel: (403) 253-5311

ABES Health


2910 – 3rd Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6T7

Contact: Mitch McCormick

Tel: (403) 232-8758

BGS Enterprises Inc.


100, 910 – 7th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3N8

Contact: Penny Lawrence

Tel: (403) 234-9119

Bredin Centre for Learning


500, 744 – 4th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3T4

Contact: Shirley Edwards

Phone: (403) 261-5775

Fax: (403) 264-9736

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society


5th floor, 1111 – 11th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2R 0G5

Contact: Gordana Radan

Tel: (403) 262-2006

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) is a non-profit organization that offers settlement and integration support to immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta. Since our inception over 30 years ago, CCIS has grown to an organization comprised of 240 multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary staff members and nearly 2,000 volunteers who collectively speak more than 62 languages, and offer 70 programs and services out of 14 locations, as well as 25 outreach locations in Calgary and Southern Alberta. We are the largest immigrant serving agency in Alberta, and one of the leading immigrant serving agencies in Canada. CCIS’ Business, Employment and Training Services (BETS) Division promotes the integration of newcomers in the regional workforce by providing services in the areas of employment training, language learning, employment counseling, and skills enhancement. BETS is dedicated to building partnerships with local industry and fostering public understanding of the wealth of skills, experience and expertise newcomers can contribute to our region’s labour market.

Centre for Newcomers


1010, 999 – 36th Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 7X6

Contact: Admasu Tachble

(403) 569-3325 (main)

(403) 537-8805 (direct)

Champions Career Centre


650, 839 – 5th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3C8

Contact: Lisa Moon

Tel: (403) 232-0751

Champions Career Centre helps the one in six Albertans with disabilities have full and equal access to career and employment opportunities. Champions helps both clients and employers to overcome workplace challenges to meet diversity standards, create mutually beneficial placements and ensure a positive, supportive workplace environment. Champions is a pan-disability agency, which means we work with people who have visible or invisible disabilities. Visible disabilities include mobility issues and visual impairment. Invisible disabilities include hearing impairment, learning disabilities, chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety and depression. Over the years we have connected thousands of people to the right job and helped many employers recruit and retain top talent with disabilities. Clients tell us Champions is a supportive environment. Employers tell us Champions helps by keeping their bottom-line in mind. Both tell us they appreciate how we create a truly customized approach to all we do.”

McBride Career Group Inc.


4th floor, 602 – 12th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2R 1L3

Contact: Shirley McBride

Tel: (403) 777-5633

McBride Career Group Inc. began their work with unemployed Albertans in 1989, and has continually expanded services to present specialization in career consulting, employment support, occupational training, and professional development. There are three focal points to service provision:

Unemployed Albertans: To assist unemployed individuals to achieve and retain meaningful employment opportunities.

Career Changers: To assist working Albertans to identify steps required toward job and career goals.

Alberta Employers: To support the hiring, training, developing and retention of capable employees.




16, 2936 Radcliffe Drive SE

Calgary, AB T2A 6M8

Contact: Iris Assouline

(403) 204-2672

Through Momentum’s community economic development programs, participants build and balance their human, social, personal, physical and financial assets – creating a sustainable livelihood. Momentum offers programs in three areas – skills training, business development and financial literacy. The Skills Training programs focus on trades training with immigrant and Aboriginal participants. The Business Development programs work with individuals who face barriers to traditional employment and are interested in setting up micro-businesses. The Financial Literacy programs build knowledge and confidence through workshops and matched-savings programs.

Motive-Action Training Foundation


Unit A, 1201 – 42nd Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1Z5

Contact: Karl Herzog

Tel: (403) 287-3132

Prospect Human Services Society


915 – 33rd Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6T2

Contact: Tarina Dueck

Tel: (403) 273-3139

Established in 1987, Prospect helps create a more productive, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Using a variety of innovative assessment, skill development, placement and retention strategies, Prospect programs build individual, employer, workplace and workforce capacity. At the heart of our efforts is a desire to break down barriers that impede individuals from finding meaningful work. We want all Albertans, regardless of circumstance, to be able to fulfill their employment potential. Prospect drives change by designing solutions that bring out the best in individuals, employers and ourselves. We value great ideas, individual value, collaboration, enthusiasm, and the drive to get things done.

Transitional Vocational Program


4825 Mount Royal Gate SW

Calgary, AB T3E 6K6

Contact: Craig Baskett

Tel: (403) 440-6872

Since 1980 TVP has been providing a variety of unique post-secondary programs that foster personal, professional and academic growth for adults with developmental disabilities.

WCG Services


229, 495 – 36 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6K3

Contact: DeVera Nybo

Tel: (403) 235 4740

WCG’s focus remains directly on people, through these core business streams:

  • employment programming
  • vocational rehabilitation services
  • training and development
  • case management solutions

With 20 years of hands-on experience behind us, our focus remains directly on people. WCG’s team builds strong relationships with clients and partners in an environment where innovation is welcomed, collaboration is embraced, and enthusiasm thrives. We pride ourselves on delivering superior service that is professional, respectful, and customized to each new challenge. Our team’s successes spring from a foundation built on knowledge, trust, integrity, and professionalism.

YWCA of Calgary


320 – 5th Avenue SE

Contact: Val Tkacik

Tel: (403) 705-5773