About Us

TrainingPCDC was first discussed by a group of Calgary Service Providers in 2000.  We were then a loose group of professionals, all holding Provincially and Federally funded projects, and open to sharing our commonalities in the work we had chosen to do for unemployed Albertans.

Read More!We explored the benefits of the work that we do, and the current challenges.

We gently explored our levels of trust, and our ability to share openly while maintaining a convivial competition in the RFP process.  We examined the pros and cons of working together over time, and the potential to improve services for clients.  During this process, we realized that each of us had an excellent relationship with our contract funder(s), that there was a comfort zone for each of us to speak independently with the various government representatives, but that sometimes the problems that we saw were too big to deal with by one company alone. 

It was at that time that we decided to work together under the banner of PCDC.  The concept was presented in Edmonton to similar Service Providers, and the two chapters of PCDC were born.